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Michael Bloomberg Part 3

October 21, 2011

Michael Bloomberg Part 3 – a prediction

In the previous two posts on this subject we reviewed the successful career of Michael
Bloomberg as mayor of New York City, both in public and private domains. We also discussed Bloomberg’s decision to change parties twice: first from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party and when he was confident of not requiring a blessing of Rudy Guiliani to win from Republican independents.

The switching of parties does help classify Bloomberg as a political opportunist
and the real question becomes what is Bloomberg up to now?

By chance, I happened upon the July 11, 2011 issue of Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek. In the opening remarks of that magazine, there is an article by Charles Kenny which comes out for naturalizing illegal immigrants. As summed up by BusinessWeek: “Laws against immigration make little economic or moral sense. So why punish the brave citizens who break them?”

Those of us who actually favour liberal immigration policies sometimes have to draw the line regarding people who break the law. However, this isn’t a critique of the article or of the position. It’s more a view on how Bloomberg views the world. However, someone else who has a similar view would be the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

This edition of BusinessWeek also discusses the regulation of derivatives. The article quotes Senator Mitch McConnell in a declaration that anything to slow down the regulator’s agenda would be “good for the country.” The writer claims that McConnell is wrong. Once again the issue is not the position the writer takes or the position that opposes the new regulations. But guess who favours the new regulations? US President Barack Obama.

Another article in the magazine comes out with the usual liberal point of view that the middle class should pay more in income taxes. The issue again isn’t whether you are for that or against it. A significant number of Americans are for it. In a country in which 50% of Americans pay no income taxes, it’s not surprising that a group would be in favour of taxes on anybody, middle class and above. Once again, who is in favour of middle class income tax hikes? US President Barack Obama.

In subtle ways, we are seeing a meeting of the minds between the Bloomberg voice choices and the White House. Obviously Bloomberg didn’t say any of these things and can maintain deniability in many of these areas if he so wishes.

I am going to make a prediction here. Michael Bloomberg claims to be an independent. By the time the 2012 election rolls around Barack Obama will be claiming the same thing. Obama has no loyalty to anybody but himself. Joe Biden has become, in some eyes, a bit of a bungler and certainly does not serve the original purpose of reassuring the American people of his competency against the potential rashness and inexperience of the current president.

A prediction: Biden goes under the bus and Bloomberg becomes the VP candidate for
the Democrats.


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